God created you in His image, according to His good pleasure, for greatness! He’s created you to be fulfilled as you discover and walk out what He’s put within you. 

Fulfilling your Destiny will help you to: 

  • identify your God-given passions
  • discover your purpose in life
  • understand and overcome obstacles that could hinder your destiny

You have been intentionally designed by God. He has placed much inside of you. From these pages, may you discover vast treasures with Him as He empowers you to step into your purpose and reach your full potential. 


You have a destiny!

God designed you—on purpose—to accomplish something specific on the earth.
Do you believe this? Do you believe that:

  • there is something that God’s reserved for you to do?
  • there’s a place that He’s prepared for you—that only you can fill?
  • you have an arena that you are called to influence for His Kingdom?

Fulfilling your Destiny will help you answer these questions as you discover your life’s purpose.

We will broach this topic primarily from a spiritual perspective—as the battle for your life is won or lost in the spirit before it’s ever played out in the natural.

  • My prayer is that this book ignites something deep and powerful within you.
  • My hope is that as you will discover the treasures God’s hidden within you and come to delight in who He’s made you to be.
  • And… that you will become fully empowered do what He’s called you to do. 


What Other's Are Saying

This book is an invitation into God’s goodness for you.
It’s an open door that will lead you into knowing Him, and yourself, better.
It’s a roadmap that will guide you into finding what He’s created you to do.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow deeper in their relationship with the LORD, and for those who want to step more fully into their life’s purpose.
— Deborah
Included in her tightly written chapters are principles,
life examples,
and essential scriptures
that frame the journey we must all take in seeking God’s best for us. 
Particularly helpful were the prayerful activities that help the reader align with the lessons in each section. 
I think you’ll find Fulfilling your Destiny a satisfying primer and reminder of God’s great love for each of us.
— Rick
Diane lives the book she has written. Her life lessons, grace, and generous spirit reveal a deep wisdom and paint a tender picture of what “Fulfilling your Destiny” means while remaining humbly human and made strong in His strength.
— Amy

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