Purity By Design

“No other personal lifestyle choice develops as much strength of character, self-discipline, and relational competence, as sexual purity.”

Choosing sexual purity may seem old-fashioned and culturally irrelevant, but Purity by Design illustrates the profound wisdom and protection of following God with our sexuality. The multi-faceted benefits of purity are profound and affect our lives for good, in every way... but it’s still difficult to wait…  

In Purity by Design, Roger and Diane share their personal stories of embracing purity with raw transparency. Together their journeys—filled with tears and triumph—cross the entire spectrum from purity to promiscuity and back. 

The contrast of their stories is profound: Roger lost his virginity at a very young age, and wandered in the world for years, before he received God’s grace and forgiveness, and made a commitment to purity. Diane submitted her sexual desire to LORD early in life, and was empowered to maintain her purity.  She married Roger at the age of thirty-seven, as a virgin. 

Purity by Design vulnerably shares their contrasting journeys, and heartbreaks, in the context of God’s unifying love and redemption. They practically share the positive and negative consequences they each experienced—given the choices they made, as they invite you into the immeasurable rewards of purity. 

This is a powerful book for anyone who is looking for true love and wants to understand the intricate affect that purity has in each of our lives, and destinies. 

Purity by Design:

  • explains how pre-marital sex weakens long-term romantic relationships. 
  • releases hope and healing to people who have been wounded in their quest to find love.
  • describes the resources we each have that give us the ability to maintain our sexual purity and live in freedom.
I didn’t realize how lacking my current knowledge was about how significantly sex, outside of marriage, impacts a person—until reading this book.
— Kimberly, Redding, CA
This is more than just a book, it is a resource and a tool that can be referred to time and time again once it has been read. Roger and Diane are not afraid to write about a subject that most Christian people are not willing to even talk about...sex.
— Sheri, Redding, CA

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