The Purpose of Passion

Is it possible that our passions—the things for which we long—are from God?

Is it possible that the things we want to be, and do, and have… are actually God’s desire for us?

Is it possible that the things that we enjoy—the music, art, sports, nature, animals, business, inventing things, fashion, connecting with others, being romantic, having a family—are God-given desires that we are suppose to pursue?

For many, passion is controversial. Passion can lead people down the wrong road; it can bring destruction and wreck havoc.

So what is passion, and what’s its real purpose?

Passion is not merely a thought; it’s not an idea that can simply be discarded. It is literally a substance. Passion—like fire—can be both destructive as it rages, searing and scarring with its heat, or it can be gift purifying and refining that which it touches.

It seems so odd, this powerful thing. It seems so dangerous, this substance of the heart. What decides whether it is destructive, or redemptive?

Passion is risky, no doubt about that. For as we pursue with a wide-open heart, we will at some point be confronted with desire unfulfilled. It is here that the stakes are high in one’s life. Will you continue pursuing, or deny your heart’s cry? If you push down your passion you will find a real truth. Passion is a substance, a real tangible thing. And like energy in physics it can change form, but it will not—it cannot—ever cease to exist.

There’s purpose, I need it, this passion I’ve been given. The price may be high to bridle its strength, but a higher price yet, is to let it change form.

~ Passion that’s dampened, its substance will change to mildewing, molded depression within.

~ Passion denied and quarantined off, with ironclad bars brings isolation. Passion shut off turns to coldness of heart, indifferent, deprived, leads to deadness of heart.

~ Passion ignited, unchecked & untrue, rages destroying what it was meant to protect. This uncontrolled place, takes instead of gives; turning to lust, consuming its host.

            "Oh LORD, in this light, clearly, I see. This fire of passion that burns within me. 
            The only way holy that I can stay true, is to be wholly, completely, submitted to You. 
            LORD, take every segment and section of me, nothing refrained, or out of Your sight.
            Take all that’s within me—as You’ve made it to be—holy, acceptable, refining me."

This passion aflame is the vehicle given.  So mercifully needed, defining my call.

This passion of mine is Your energy; the greatest of gifts contained within me.

This passion, this substance, both defines and fulfills. My destiny revealed by my God-breathed desire.

God’s wisdom abounds knowing the strength of one’s heart—
                         for this very same passion  that unveils my call, is the energy used to bring it to pass.

The enemy’s plan is to bring distrust and doubt to the core and the center of one’s pure, passionate heart. He wants each one tempted, unaware of his schemes. For God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done we must be fully alive to the passion He’s given.

"Ignite it, fulfill it, let it consume me, my LORD.
It’s righteous, it’s Yours, as forever I am.
I’ll hold it & guard it, as I see its great worth.
I need it; I want it!” this once-feared, place resounds.

It, not so long ago, seemed dangerous, odd, but now, with new lenses, I see the danger’s not mine. The enemy quivers as I embrace my God’s Truth.

        There’s no more dangerous a weapon than a pure, passionate heart. . .           
                                                                                                    knowing, submitted to He who is Life.