The Surprise of Hell

What’s so surprising about hell?


The big surprising difference is that here on earth—whether people realize it or not—everyone innately relies, and even depends, upon the presence of God.


Many would argue this. But please, consider with me:

·      the faithfulness of the sunrise

·      the reliability of sowing and reaping

·      the expectation of rain

·      the ability to experience (or at least observe) love


Here on earth, everything, even the most horrific suffering, is experienced in the context of God’s creation.


All of creation declares His goodness.

It exudes His character, and reveals His essence.

All of creation manifests the presence of God.


None of that will be in hell.

And the truth is: not one of us could even imagine an existence without these things. These gifts, that have become as common to us as the air we breathe, will not exist in hell. Ever.


That will be the big shock. The darkness, the pain, the writhing will, no doubt, be beyond description, but the big difference in hell is that nothing there will reflect the presence of God that we have become so dependent upon. 


No, hell is forever and ever devoid of God and all His attributes. All of His grace, hope, and mercy of a new tomorrow will only be a memory of regret in hell. The promise of a sunrise, and the laughter of freedom will only be a bitter wish, unrealized. Forever.


Please, open your eyes and see.

See the presence of God in all of creation around you, and invite Him into everything you do, and every difficulty you face.


Embrace His presence. Live aware. Follow Him. And enjoy His faithfulness, provision, and kindness for eternity. Please, receive Him now so that you do not find yourself shocked, someday, because you chose to live outside of the grace of His presence forever.