What's in your viewfinder?

The biggest thing in life is living before God.
It’s having our gaze fixed on Him.
It’s staying fixed on what He says is the most important.
Loving Him and loving others.


When we fix our gaze on the One who is everything, we have everything we need.

  • He is peace so when we lock into Him, we are filled with, and have an abundance, of peace.
  • He is joy, so when we’re in Him, we are full of joy.
  • He is hope, so in Him we receive His exuding hope.
  • He is strength, and fulfillment, and provision. So, in Him, we have all that… and more.

In Him, we have everything that He is.


That sounds great. So why is life hard if we can live from the resources of our King?


Because, we have an enemy who baits us to look around
                       instead of at our King of glory.
He wants us to focus on what we want… and don’t have.


The problem with that is, once you do that, that’s all you’ll begin to see.
Everyone who has your heart’s desire, becomes a point of reference.
“They’re the lucky ones, the blessed ones, the ones who hold the prize…”


You can’t live in the fullness of God while you're focused on others. 
This will just lead to comparison.
And comparison will always, always give you a skewed perspective.


How do we stay fixed, then, on Him who is all things?


We do it from His vantage point,
                             from His Spirit of understanding.
Once we understand His ways, we don’t feel like we’re missing out.
We still might feel loss and pain from a natural circumstance,
                             but once we put that circumstance before Him
                             and we see it from His perspective we will have alignment.

This is the key.

Listen, friend, we cannot afford to waiver.
We cannot let anything other than the Almighty One fill the viewfinder of our mind's eye.
The stakes are too high.


It’s only when He is before us that we can stand strong and secure
                                                 in the ups and downs of life.
When we don’t have something we want, we must seek His face,
                                                 and learn to trust Him at deeper levels,
                                                 as we exercise our faith and rest in His ways.


And, let us be aware of one of the enemy’s most common tactics.
~ He will always highlight what others have that you want.
He wants you to fixate on that thing and so you feel ripped off, lack, and like you’re missing out.
~ He wants you to live from a place of feeling less-than and unloved.

And, if you do, you’ve believed his biggest lie and given him the foundation of your authority.

So, may we see clearly and understand how things work in the spirit.


Our victory is not about what we have or don’t have.

  • It’s about how we live in Him, and before Him, in it all.
  • t’s about our offering and commitment to follow Him in the ups and downs of it all.
  • t’s about keeping our mind and heart aligned to His ways as we both stand in faith and surrender to Him.
  • t’s about believing for the impossible and pursuing His Kingdom ways in every area of our life.
  • t’s about taking ground—taking dominion and subduing the earth as we bring God’s Kingdom purposes to the world around us.


The purpose of our life is not just to make a mark
and leave a natural heritage for the generations to come.
That’s important.

But, our most important call in living on the earth is:

  • to know and follow God
                   as we declare His glory and bring His Kingdom to the earth.
  • to love Him and His people
                   as we develop the gifts, talents, and abilities He’s individually placed within each of us.