You Wouldn't Even Know to Ask for This

My child, I do have a word for you.

I want you to know that I so have this.
You have been crying out.
—For My healing.
—For My deliverance.

I hear you.
I see what you are contending with, and carrying.
I know the desires of your heart and how diligently you’re trying to walk this out.
I do know what you need.
Do not fear.
Do not be dismayed at the longevity and difficulty of this time.

  • I am answering your prayers.

  • I am forming something deep within you that is beyond what you could develop on your own.

  • Beyond what you would even know to ask for or pursue.

You are in a supernatural process.
A deep, beyond words, place that you cannot perceive right now.

When you pray for the supernatural, you are wanting an immediate shift. 
A breakthrough.
A “suddenly.”
To you the supernatural means that I do it—quickly answer and reslove whatever your need is.
Whatever you’re asking for, to make your life better.

But in My Kingdom, the supernatural is what you cannot do on your own,
that works the deepest part of My will and desire in you—according to the counsel of My will.

This is why the supernatural takes trust.
This is why, although you don’t understand this supernatural process, I have called you into it.

Because I have something for you beyond what you can see or understand.
Beyond what you would even know to ask for.

That’s why I’ve taken you here because you didn’t even know you needed it.
You didn’t know there was something I wanted to do in you
that you couldn’t have stepped into any other way.
But… to fully step into it and receive what I have, and embrace the gift of this process, 
it requires a trust beyond what you can understand.

Pray, and ask, and seek for what you need.
This is not a concession place.
This is a place of absolute faith.
This is a place of intimacy, and trust, and hope.
It is a place of Standing.

But it is also a place of rest and drawing into Me.
So, when you pray, and declare, and believe… 
and you don’t see an answer coming in the natural, 
just lock into Me and let Me do what I am doing for your fullest glory in Me.

I love you.
I have you.
I honor you in this place.
Let Me hold you here, My sweet, sweet, beloved one.