What do you see?

My child, My justice and righteousness is at the forefront of all that I do.

 Life is full and dynamic, and rich, and has challenges and things to overcome.
As you step up and take your place you will see things come into alignment.

 So, be true and strong, and humble.
Know that I value you and I put my thoughts into your heart and mind. 
So when something is in your heart to do, check in with Me and if it resonates, 
if it doesn’t fade away, trust that it’s My heart.
And do it.

 My precious one, I know that there’s much you’re still longing for.
Stay before Me and let Me delight you with what’s in MY heart for you.
Beloved, truly, it is in My heart to bless and fill you.
Don’t doubt this.

I know you don’t understand why some things so important to you seem to be not happening.
These desires seem to be dried up and lost.


But as you focus on Me and what I have before you, 
I am working in you, and on them. 
I am orchestrating. 
If you focus on the process, you will become frustrated.
And, if you focus on the end result, you will become weary.

 My love, focus on Me and My great plan for you in My Kingdom purposes.
I am good in All things.
And, I have good plans for you in what I am doing and setting up.
And, it is much bigger than what you see right now. 
So don’t focus on what you can see.


When I tell you to live by faith and not by sight it’s not just for a spiritual principle of truth.
It’s the most excellent way of being. 
Because if you focus on “sight,” all you will see is what’s in your line of vision.
All you’ll be able to see is what is before you.
But, if you focus on Me and living by faith, you will see beyond what is. 
You’ll be able to see in the spirit what I am setting up for you.

Faith is the way of the Kingdom. 
It is the currency of My Kingdom.
Faith opens doors and positions you to enter new arenas.
Believe, My beloved one. Believe, as you seek Me.
And rest as you pursue what I put in your heart.