You can hear from God

Oh My precious one, yes, I can, and I will, speak to you--
whenever and however you can hear Me.

And, I am abundant and multi-faceted so I can speak, and you can connect with Me, in many, many ways. What do you prefer?

·      I love and speak through words—So listen and write.

·      I love and speak through art—So tune in and create.

·      I love and speak through colors and pictures—So dive in and design.

·      I love dance and movement—So move and be expressive.

·      I love flags and the swirl of material—So fill your space with color and twirl with Me.

·      I love song, music, rhythm, and instruments—So hear the song of My heartbeat and play with all your heart.

·      I love people coming together and releasing what I put in them—So connect and share the synergy of what I’ve put within you.


So, come.
Come and receive.
Come and enjoy.
Come and release it to those around you--to the world you come into contact with.


I am authentic. I am genuine.
Don’t change your voice, language, or way of being, when you share Me and My truth and goodness with others.

Share from the essence and gift of who you are and what I’ve put inside of you for My glory.

And you’re My beloved one.
You are My delight and desire.
I made you from, and for, My good pleasure,
according the kind intention of My will,
to enjoy relationship with Me… and one other.

So, come, and enjoy Me.
Come and delight with, and in, Me.
And, expect more.


You cannot hang out with Me and not receive My heart, perspective, and provision.
Expect this when you spend time with Me.
Expect Me to show up with you and to exude into every area of your life, My love.


Hear Me call you, “My love.”
Soak in that.
Soak in it like a sponge that’s put into fresh, clean, refreshing water.
Just soak it in and become saturated in My great love for you.
          And… you will be filled.