You Mark History

Beloved one, thank you for trusting Me and not giving up.
You have no idea the impact that this “staying in” has.


It makes all the difference in the world.
…And, it blesses My heart.


I know your every desire and dream,
                           and I have not turned My ear from them.

I have a plan, and your staying in Me, in it,
and keeping your gaze fixed on Me,
and choosing to trust Me
                               is the sweetest fragrance on My altar.


And, it is an eternal testimony.
Your trust testifies of:

  • My power,
  • My grace,
  • My trustworthiness,
  • My hope,
  • My promise of a better day,
  • My fulfillment…


You are My beloved one and when you trust My provision
—even when My provision isn’t the manifestation of your dream,

                                                                you mark history.


Know this.
Believe this.
Know that who you are, and what I’ve put within you
is much, much bigger than the years you live on the earth.


Remember this.
You are living for eternity.

And, when you can trust Me in the daily ups and downs of life,
when you can believe and surrender at the same time,
I can fill those places so that your longing becomes the most beautiful offering.
And, in the gift of your sacrifice, the sting will disappear.


I am your God and you are My love.

And, My greatest delight is to enjoy you as you to live in the fullness of all that
I’ve made for you,
and made you for.


So come, precious one.
Enjoy Me.
Receive from Me.

And remember, you have a destiny and an inheritance
way bigger than the longing that’s in your own heart.