Tuning In

As I have begun to tune into my thoughts, God has shown me the value of tuning in.

I recently had a thought to do something—not even something wrong, but something I’ve previously done unhealthily.


For me, it was baking cookies.

Baking cookies can be great but because I’ve baked in an addictive way to make myself feel better, now when this desire arises, I’ve learned to check in with the LORD.

I tune into why I want to eat sweets. I gauge the temperature of my heart.

·      Is there an emptiness inside of me?

·      Am I trying to fill a spiritual or emotional longing?

·      How is my intimacy with the LORD?

I tune into my motive.

When my heart is whole and connected, the endorphins released from eating sugar are a natural, healthy pleasure.

However, if I’m feeling empty… if I’m trying to use a physical, external thing
(food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, TV) to fill an internal place, I will always be disappointed after its effects wear off.



Because a physical thing can never fill a spiritual, emotional place.

External things will dissipate and fall through your soul

like water pours through a sieve.

Your soul was not made to be filled with food or drink—therefore, it cannot be.


Trying to fill your internal self with an external substance

                                                                             is like trying to quench your thirst with oil.

It does not have the capacity to satisfy you.


Ask God:

Is there an area of your heart that I’ve tried to fill with a physical, external thing?


If yes, spend some time letting Him fill you up.

·      Put on some worship music and curl up with Him.

·      Ask Him to pour into the dry, cracked places of your heart—that you’ve tried to fill with other things.

·      Open your heart to His love and delight, and receive His refreshing over you.