LORD, send forth Your Word

LORD, You are the Word.
The One and Only Living Word.
As You have always been; so is Your Word.
You are… Your Word is…
unchanging—full of Life, Truth, Power, and Hope.

Your Word created the foundations of the world.
It’s the axis of all that is, and all that will ever be.

 And LORD, when You speak, everything changes.

LORD, when You speak:

  • things come into order

  • everything aligns

  •  mercy abounds

  • justice is released

  • Your anointing breaks the yoke

  • freedom comes


Your Word is the substance that all things adhere to.
Your Word moves mountains and opens prison doors.
Your Word gives hope to the hearts of those longing for more.
Your Word establishes Your perfect, sure will.
Your Word heals, redeems, and restores all things.


LORD, release Your Word to me so that I can be one who ushers Your will in,
trusting You,
and loving You well.

Nothing can stand outside of Your Word,
and all that You say will surely come to pass.

 Your Word:

  • restores the broken,

  • fills the longing,

  • and sets into motion that which is in Your heart to accomplish.


LORD, send forth Your Word!