Held Together by His Glory

I am strengthening and establishing you right now.

I’ve given you My word and perspective.
I’ve shown you My heart in how to overcome…


Now walk in it—in Joy.

Not as a worker but as a son, as a daughter, as a friend, a partner…  as a bride.

If you put your hand to do My work—as a worker—you’ll end up bitter and disillusioned like the “older son.”
But if you do what I’ve called you to do from your identity as a son, daughter, friend, partner… 
you will be filled with great joy—the greatest of joy, contentment, and fulfillment.


Live, love, serve, and work from relationship
and My heart and Presence will flow from you with such clarity and beauty 
that people will be drawn to Me through your life.


The more connected we are, the more people will desire who I am within you.

For truly, I am the Desire of the Nations.
Everyone, everyone, was created with an innate desire for Me.


They might not know it.
They might resist Me for a variety of reasons,
but true love and care always makes an impact.

Love well and care deeply for those around you
and you will naturally draw others to My love and goodness for them.


And remember, you become filled and permeated with My glory when you glorify Me.
Ascribing glory to Me—exalting and giving glory to Me is how you can stay ensconced in it.

As you lift Me high and worship, My glory falls.


  • It comes because it’s the alignment of truth.

  • It’s the reality of eternity.

  • It’s the foundation of all that is.

Everything is held together by My glory.

So when you give Me the glory that I am—that I carry—it aligns everything within you.