Filled with the Fullness of Him

"May the Son of God
who is already formed in you,
grow in you; 
so that for you
He will become immeasurable,
and that in you He will become laughter,
the fullness of joy
which no one will take from you."

Issac of Stella

I have always loved this quote.

God is in us but since He is infinite...there's always More! Do you want more? Scripture tells us in Colossians 2:9-10 that we have been given the fullness of Christ... but how to we really access this?

How much of His fullness do you have resident inside of you? Want more?

Ephesians 3:19 tells us that when we know the love of Christ--which surpasses all knowledge--that we then have the capacity to be "filled up to all the fulness of God."

                                                       It's all in the love. 
Well here's the ticket: until we receive His love we will never feel full... we will never be fulfilled. 

So let's make this practical. If you have not really experienced God's love, if it's not tangible to you, do this:

  • Find a sweet place that you love, a safe, comfortable place... and go there. (It could be a chair, your porch, or the beach...) 
  • Ask Jesus to meet you and just spend time with Him (in His Presence).
  • Ask Him to share His heart with you (John 10:10 says that "His sheep hear His voice" so we can hear His Spirit in our hearts).

These are the steps I took to begin hearing the LORD. I was initially surprised by what I'd hear. It was so basic, so simple, and yet... at times, difficult to believe how He lavished His love upon me... day after day, week after week... month after month... until I really began to internalize it. Here are a few of the things He said to me: "My daughter, I love you... you're my girl... I love just being with you... I love spending time with you... I love how your eyes sparkle..."

I came to a place where I believed it.

Hear Him. Hear the special and specific things He says to you as He pours out His love upon you...and believe Him.

Believe. Him.

Sit with Him until you are filled with His love... His truth about you.
And as you do, He will become immeasurable within you...
and He will become laughter
the fullness of joy in you...
which no one will take from you.

This will transform your life.