I felt like God wants us to know that when He resonates in, and through, something, it changes. It aligns to it's created purpose. Resonate: The quality or state of resounding... echoing... reverberating... aligning frequency... and vibration...So my prayer has become, "LORD, resonate... resound... reverberate through my life. Through my circumstances. Through my relationships. Through my spirit, soul and body. Through my finances. Marriage. Hopes and Dreams. Resonate through the food I eat, the thoughts I think and the words I speak.

LORD, let me be so tuned into the sound and movement of You that I began to live with the cadence of Your heartbeat. Let my life reverberate Your ways so completely that my circumstances begin to resonate Your power. Make anything that is "off" within me shift and become aligned to who You are." 

Join me. Let God calibrate your life to His resonating power. 

Like a magnet that repels and attracts, so will be the current of our lives--in the resounding frequency of our God. Anything that is not aligned to His best will be repelled in our lives; and that which is His best will be very drawn to us... reverberating...dancing... resounding to the essence of who He is.

May the whole of our lives attract the resonation of all that He is, accomplishing the plans and purposes of all that is for His highest good!