The Power of Delight

Have you ever seen a Facebook post and thought, “Wow! I wish I was there…or eating that…or celebrating that…or getting to experience…?” If you are simply inspired by what someone else is doing, great. If however, reading about someone else’s life pierces your heart with disappointment that reminds you of what you do not have, I have an encouraging challenge for you.

As a backdrop, I recognized that there were certain areas of my life where I had more longing than fulfillment. I knew I was off-track when I would wander through the same disappointments over and over again. But because I thought my circumstances had to change before I no longer felt disappointed, I was stuck—waiting for the shift. The bummer was, I could not find a way to change my circumstances. Years had passed and my longings were creating a hole in my heart.

I knew enough Scripture to know that God wants us to “prosper and be in good health just as [our] soul prospers” 3 John 2. And that He came to give us abundant life (John 10:10), but in the area of health and with a couple of unfulfilled dreams, I did not feel abundant.

So, I have been on the quest for an answer. Many of my recent blogs have shared my process of learning how to overcome heartbreak and walk in victory. And I have discovered another key that has been a part of bringing life and prosperity to my soul.

This key has two parts. The first is a familiar concept to most of us: delighting in the LORD. Psalm 1:2-3 tells us the great value in delighting ourselves in God and His Word. When we do we will be like a tree that is firmly planted…which yields fruit and does not wither…and prospers in all areas. Since I want to prosper and walk in His fullness I have been practicing delighting in Him. While doing this, I began to understand a new and powerful aspect of delight.

This new revelation is the second part of the key. So what is it? The second part is delighting in other people. It is a simple but profoundly powerful truth. When I delight in another person I am seeing God’s goodness in their life and celebrating it.

And since delight—like every attribute of God, originates from Him—when I delight in someone else, it is a part of Him pouring through me. And, my soul always prospers when He is pouring through it.

As we delight in others and rally for goodness in their lives, we are positioned to be a catalyst that receives and releases the delight of God. This delight ushers in, transforms, and strengthens our souls. The delight of God brings life. And life is the foundation of a prosperous soul.

So my challenge is: when you are feeling a lack of any kind, practice delighting yourself in God, and in others, and see how quickly your perspective is restored and you feel full of life.