At the Mercy of...

I am not at the mercy of my circumstances...
                                                             or at least I don’t have to be.

Yes. We all have circumstances. We all have situations and events that happen to us, that we do not prefer. That we did not overtly choose. What can we do when we find ourselves in the middle of something very difficult?

I hear the internal voice in my head saying, “Perspective, baby, perspective!”

So what is my perspective? What do I need to remember?

If I am at the mercy of my circumstances I can be thrown around like the waves of the sea—tossed to and fro. The tide—as well as what is going on around me—is always changing, which gives me no stability.

So what is my anchor? What is my reality? What is the truth—that will never change?

The truth: The LORD is my Shepherd.

 And, the LORD, who is my Shepherd, leads me. He leads me into good and refreshing places.  He restores me. He guides me. He loves me. He fills my soul with good things… as He does you.

But the question is: Am I following? Are you following?

If we follow Him, mercy follows us.

 When the LORD is our Shepherd, we are at the mercy of God;

                                                                                     and at the mercy of God, there is mercy.

I want mercy in my life… in my relationships… in my circumstances…

I choose this day to follow God, not my circumstances.
                              I will follow His lead and gratefully receive His mercy that follows me.

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever” Ps. 23:6.


What a glorious perspective shift!