The Beauty of This Time

My child, I am leading and guiding you with My eye.
I am calling you more deeply into Me during—and through—this time.
I know you are crying out.
I know your heart is before Me and you’re saying, 

“ LORD, come. 

  • Heal me. 

  •  Open doors for the more. 

  • Release Your promises to me. 

  • Bring my children… 

  • Restore my marriage… heal my relationships…

  • Redeem this time and fill me with Your power and authority so that I may bring Your Kingdom to the world around me.” 


And, My precious, precious one, I am!
I am doing these things as I transform you
and bring you into all that I have for you to be, and to release.


And, all you have to do is follow Me and do what is before you.
You don’t need to be overwhelmed and look at how much needs to happen… 
or what you can, or cannot make happen.

 All you have to do is keep your gaze—your attention… your hope—fixed on Me.

And the truth is: 
you can’t make the biggest things happen, that you want to happen in your life.


Your part is to:

o  Let me in.

o  Let me fill you.

o  Grow in Me.

o  Receive what I freely give.

o  And, choose wisely.

There are times that I give to My kids and they don’t receive Me.
They don’t receive My gifts.
If I give you a direction and you don’t follow it, you will not be positioned to receive My best.

 I know you don’t understand so much about what is happening in your life right now,
but I am in you, so I am in it.

As you follow Me, I will work all things after the counsel of My will. 
Believe this, My love.

It is true!
And, someday you will see the beauty of this time.