Cinco de Mayo. A day of victory and celebration.
Most victories and celebrations come after a battle, after a fight, a standing, a contending
…after a war.

There is a sweetness of victory from the perseverance.
And, there is a sweetness of victory from having the enemy defeated
…and having the issue no longer be an issue.


Freedom is your inheritance, my love.
I made you for freedom.
I made you for victory.

But all victory cannot be given.
There are some victories that must be fought for.
There are some victories that can only be won in the trenches.

 This walking-through-difficulty with Me is an important part of how you get strong in life.

And, not only do you get stronger,
but our connection is also strengthened as you live in Me,
and seek Me,
My wisdom,
and My ways for your specific situation.


And, there’s something powerful about choosing to celebrate—even if your situation is not totally resolved.

  • Celebration shifts things upward.

  • Celebration will infuse you with life.

  • Celebration is the way of My Kingdom.

My glory is celebration. And My Kingdom is full of My glory—always.
When you live in Me and you host My presence within you, My glory will exude from you.

 This delight, this expression, of My goodness will override anything else you are facing.

And, it’s ok in, the midst of the battle, to cry out and pull on Me for greater measures.
In fact, this is a part of how you attain your victory.
This authentic walking through it—as you look to Me—is how you grow, get stronger, and overcome.

Living in My victory is not a façade where you pretend you’re fine when you’re contending
for your healing, provision, and restoration. 

Living with Me in the celebration of My glory—even celebrating the little things that may seem inconsequential—will bring clarity and alignment to your life, My child.

Look and see what is good, and live there, even in your challenges.