Love Never Fails

An encouraging word from the Lord:

“Oh My sweet, sweet one.
I have given you many opportunities to persevere.
Thank you for shining. 
I see you shining.
Thank you for being a carrier of My goodness and glory—even in conflict and misunderstandings.


It is true that love never fails.

Loving isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t mean that things immediately shift when a situation is unloving—and you still choose to pour Me through it and love.
But what it does mean is that you will:

  •  stay aligned and strengthened

  • have My love pour through you as you’re loving the person who’s hurt you

  • be choosing life—which opens you up to all that I have

Love always only leads to goodness, strength, and mercy poured out.

  Thank you for loving.
I hear your prayers.
I see your heart.
I know what you are crying out for.

Stay in Me.

Be loved by Me… and you will be satisfied and fulfilled
regardless of the circumstances you’re walking through.


And, watch as I transform what’s going on with you and those around you.
Expect Me to move on your behalf.

 I love,
and you are, indeed, My love.”