In the Pain

What a journey we’ve been on, Lord.

Can You show me the treasures of walking this out?
It’s been really hard and I’m so tired of being in pain…

I know, My one.
I so know.
Part of this difficult time is building:

  • authority in you

  • true trust in Me

  • and, a sense of sincere compassion for others


I know you don’t understand the eternal value of this yet,
but I am so glad that you are continuing to fix your gaze on Me in the process.


This is for a season—and compared to eternity—a short season.
If you can receive My love in it,
you will feel covered and strengthened even in the pain


I felt every pain you’re going through.
I bore it all.
I know it well, and I have not forgotten what it is to live as a human—in a broken, fallen world.


My precious one, live in Me in it, 
and you will know joy abundantly and be full of glory.