The Provision of My Word

Oh My child, I have positioned you.
When you are standing and waiting, and believing before you fully receive your breakthrough:

~ Do not question.
~ Do not waiver.
~ Do not rehearse what is “not working.”
~ Stand.
~ Believe My Word.
~ Declare My Word.
~ Meditate on the Eternal Goodness and Truth of My Word.
~ Rejoice in what I did—and do—for you everyday.

 And, remember that:

  • I encamp around those who fear Me, and I deliver them.

  • I inhabit the praises of My people—so when you praise me, I fill those places within you.

  • I am your glory and the lifter of your head.

  • In My presence is the fullness of joy.

  • My goodness and My mercy follow you—so expect it in your life. Call it forth when you don’t readily see it.

  • My Word CANNOT come back void without accomplishing what I sent it out to do.


My beloved, do you believe that I created you for good? 
For My good pleasure?
To enjoy, and give good gifts to?
I did!
Any good parent only wants good for their kids. 
They want the best for them, always.
This, too, is My heart for you, always.

You do have an enemy that is constantly lying to you, who wants to destroy you, 
but I have already empowered you with My power and authority.

Learn to exercise it.
You have Everything you need in Me.
Learn from Me and live in the victory I’ve provided for you.

I go before you.
I am your rear guard.
I am your foundation, and your covering.

Sometimes it is a fierce fight,
but I am on your side and I have, indeed, given you everything you need
to learn how to crush the head of the enemy, and fully walk in freedom and victory.

 Go in My truth and love for you, My sweet, sweet love for you.