Maintaining Hope

Oh My love, I know you are weary of Me saying the same things to you,
but right now that’s what you need to hear.

You are going through a tough time.
It’s been a lot to stand through—especially since you haven’t yet experienced some of the symptoms being alleviated.

I want you to understand this place so that when you connect with others who are going through a difficult time you can address this. If you went through something challenging but saw some benefit of walking through it, it would be much easier to maintain hope.

 But when you experience the negative stuff and you don’t see an breakthrough in any area it’s much more difficult to continue standing.

Here, you have to all the more lock into Me and pull on My presence.
You need to connect to My spiritual realm and provision,
truly live beyond the natural, beyond your circumstances.


  • Oh My love, fix your gaze on Me.

  • Worship before My Throne… in the Holiest of Places, which is where My Mercy Seat.

    (and you want to reside where My mercy is continually poured out).

  • Let Me strengthen you.

  • When I am your Source—and not what’s going on around, or within you—you will then truly be an overcomer.


In this place:

  • the enemy has nothing in you.

  • you will not waver.

  • you will not entertain the kind of frustration that leads to being disheartened.

  • you will not let any wedge to be lodged in your heart that the enemy wants to use to create doubt in your heart.


Let Me fill you, My love.
Let Me sustain you with My goodness in the midst of what you are crying out and contending for.

I am here. Always.

Soak in My love and you will see clearly and be encouraged!