You Have what you Need

Yes, My love, yes.
I am at work.
And what I am doing in your life
is growing and developing something in you
that you will need for what I’ve called you to.


I will always prepare you for:

  • what I’ve called you to,

  • what you will face,

  • what I have for you to do,  

  • what I have given you to release to the world around you.

And, in Me there’s no fear.

Only faith, and increase, and connection and fullness—
even in the waiting and in the trails when they come.

 … And as long as you’re IN Me, you will be living in Shalom,
and equipped for everything you face.

  •  So, enjoy Me in this growth process.

  • Celebrate My Kingdom ways.

  • Delight in getting to grow in, rest, and trust as you believe

  • And, press in to see Me and pursue the more of My Spirit.


As you pray more and more in the spirit,
you will see things activated more quickly.

As you worship more and more,
you will be embraced by the truth that I fully have you and all that concerns you.


I’ve held every dream that you have—before you ever wanted it.


Stay focused on Me in it because I am the Beautiful One.

  • I am Fulfillment.

  • I am your greatest satisfaction.

  • I am everything good that you’ve ever wanted.

  • I am the strength, provision, and joy that you need to live the life I’ve called you to.


So come, and be, and love, and receive from Me,
My precious, precious one.