Staying In Step

I am leading & guiding you.

  • Do not fear.

  • Do not try to make something happen outside of My leading and open doors.

  • Do not embrace any thought that leads to doubt, or a hopeless place of loss.

  Stay in step with Me.
I will cover you and provide everything you need.
You are My Beloved daughter.
How would I not also give you all things?

 Everything that I have prepared for you, since the foundation of the earth,
is set in motion.

 It’s just the process of learning how to:

  • trust

  • live in faith

  • love

  • hold all things before Me as we grow in relationship.


This takes time.
This requires process.
This cannot be given.

That’s why this journey—this process—is so, so precious to Me.

You can’t do it on your own.
You can only do it with, and in, Me.

And, if you don’t enter into this holy process, there will be:

  • parts of Me that you will never know,

  • and treasures that I’ve placed inside of you that you will never discover.

So, rest.
Lean in to trust Me
Receive from the resources of My Living Water
and All-Powerful Word and Presence—
  that surround and cover you at all times.

Go in My love!