Taking Ground

Oh My precious one,
I wrap you up in My arms and I’m hold you tenderly and securely.

You are swaddled in My arms.
     I am your protection.
     I am your covering.

Nothing can get to you that doesn’t first pass through Me.
                                       So, rest in that.

Rest in that:

  • I am your Shield.
  • I am your Strength.
  • I am your Hope.
  • I am the One who loves you with all of My heart.
                         Live in this truth.

If you doubt any of this, tuck in more deeply.
What does it mean to tuck into Me more deeply?

  • Believe Me.
  • Believe who I am.
  • Believe what I’ve promised.
  • Believe that I am able.

                 I am mightier and stronger than any attack that can come against you.

And, believe that it is My delight to protect you
and empower you to excel, overcome, and succeed in it all.


Remember that this is all training ground to:

  • bring you into deeper relationship with Me,
  • bring you into maturity,
  • equip you to subdue the enemy and take dominion over My creation,
  • bring My Kingdom to the earth.

So stay in Me.
Take ground in the very area where you are being attacked.

And step into your inheritance in Me, now.