It will Grow

Oh My beloved one,
My Word over you is  “Yes & Amen.” 
So walk in that.
Live in and from the favor and security of that place.

I know everything that is in your heart.

The very best way to manage what’s within you is to keep your whole heart in My hands.
To let Me keep it.

And, because I am faithful and true,
        because I am always good and absolute in My wisdom,
you can know, know,
                   that I will fully care for every precious and tender thing within you.

And as I hold your heart, I am calling you to guard it.
What does it mean for you to guard your heart?

  • It means you watch what comes into it.
  • It means you filter the thoughts, ideas, and desires that cross your mind.
  • It means you live from the truth that you have the power and ability to decide what you think.


If thoughts come up that are not profitable, helpful, true, or edifying,
                                                discard them.

  • Do not entertain them.
  • Do not ponder them.
  • Do not plant them in your heart and let them grow.

                                 Because they will.

This is the beauty and the glory of the human heart.
             Whatever you plant in the soil of your heart,
it will grow.

If you plant bitterness, comparison, envy, disappointment, sadness, resentment…
it will grow.

If you plant thankfulness, hope, joy, expectation, love, kindness, truth…
it will grow.

The human heart is the most fertile soil there is—anywhere.


So My love, guard your heart by only letting in, and planting, 
that which brings life and bears good fruit
and you will be surprised and delighted by the goodness and beauty
that abounds from your life.


“Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23