The Gift of His Anointing

My child, My beloved one,

Soak in the oil of My anointing and you will always be full, and ready for what is before you.
In My anointing you will drip with My goodness & freedom;
with My hope & joy.

The oil of gladness comes from My anointing.
And, it’s true, My one,

  • My anointing breaks the yoke.

  • It breaks off fear.

  • It soothes and nourishes you—spirit, soul, and body.

  • My anointing makes you beautiful.

  • It empowers you to step out and risk… because fear cannot coexist with it.


There’s absolute abundance in My anointing,
and because it flows from Me, when you’re in Me, you have access to it. Always.
So, My beautiful one, live in Me and you will have the freedom and resources that come from it.

This is your inheritance.

Receive it.
Enjoy it.
Let it transform your life.

It will!

Just like you can’t jump into water and not get wet,
you cannot live in My presence and not become saturated by My anointing.

It’s My provision for you as you live on the earth.
Life in this realm in not always easy, as you know, 
but in Me you truly do have everything you need.

And as you receive My anointing, it will flow from Me to you… to the world around you.
And, it’s what will transform the world.