Intentional Living

My child, flow.
Flow with My Spirit as you live your life.
And, let Me pour My life, My thoughts, My ways, My love into, and then through, you.


Remember to step back and see.
See those who are around you.
See the circumstances—not just from a natural perspective,
but from My Kingdom perspective.


As you slow down and live aware—intentionally, instead of just doing the “tread mill” tasks that are before you each day—you will begin to see behind the scenes.

  • You will have ideas and thoughts that are beyond what you would have personally seen, or tuned into.

  • You will have opportunities open up to you that you would have missed.

  • You will see people—some of whom I have an assignment for you to connect to—that you would not see in the rote, inattentive state in which most people live.


There is a risk to living with Me like this. 

~ It will require you to be aware and to live outside of your little world; 
outside of your comfort zone. 
~ It requires you to be vulnerable. 
~ It requires you to live in faith.

But, My beloved, the rewards are well worth it.
This life with Me is truly so much richer, sweeter, and more fulfilling because I am in it all.
I am in it all anyway,
but it’s not until you are tuned in that you will fully enjoy My presence and the connection in it all.
And, My presence is the place from where everything good flows.


So come, My one.
Come and live with, and before, Me today and I will fill your soul,
and bless others with what I pour into you.