I Will Establish You

My child, there are many, many truths in My Kingdom.
Sometimes these truths seem to contradict each other, but they do not.
I am sure and consistent and faithful in all things,
but especially in the crux times of your life
the challenging times, I want you to learn to focus on the things that will carry and sustain you.

I AM the thing that will carry you through.
The assurance of My love is the strongest foundation you have when you do not understand.
Do on focus on why thins for that is not happening faster.
Ensonce yourself in My all-powerful love.
My commitment to you—for life and health and godliness to sustain you.

I love you.
Believe Me.
Let Me be your God of goodness and mercy.

I will honor you for all of eternity.
I am worthy of your trust.

As you walk this out, I will establish our love.
I will establish the plans I have for you.
I am your hope.

  • My beloved, let Me direct you.

  • Let Me lead you in all things.

  • Let My ways be the marker of your life.

  • You will not fail.

  • You will not cave as you stay in My love.

You have been through an extraordinary amount of things this last season,
and I have walked through every moment with you.

I have gone before you in it all.
I have seen and put a guard around you in it all.


I have given you opportunity after opportunity to believe Me
and choose hope and to stake a powerful stand in the spirit
that over and over defeats the enemy.

Know and remember this.

That when you honor Me,
you also at the very same time annihilate the plans of the enemy.
You weaken and crush his plans and schemes.


You weaken his influence—not only in your life but also in the lives of everyone who sees you and the stance that you’re taking.

This is the glory of My Kingdom ways.
This is how you attain and release My victory;
it’s how you impart and teach others how to live in My victory.


This is My way.
My way that I’ve entrusted to you.
Not easy in the natural—but truly powerful and the result is well worth it in all of eternity.


I love you, My one.
You are My beloved.
You are My friend.
Trust is so Key in My Kingdom ways.
Of all the things you can do to honor Me and declare My ways… it’s TRUST!
And, I do trust you.


I have given you to carry My treasures and secrets. 
Believe that you have everything you need.
Stay tucked in Me, in My truth, in My hope, in My glory.

Here you will be empowered and at peace in all things, at all times.


Feed on My love.
Let it nourish you and fill you always. 
Thank you for living with Me through this time.

This process will establish you to be humble and true;
to be compassionate and generous;
to prosper and flourish in Me and My ways—in all things—
in the midst of you walking through you challenge.

Receive and give and release the fullness of My joy in the process of it.

Know that I am your God and I indeed have you!!