Soak In Me

My child, I love you, and I am leading and guiding you into all things
—Into all that I have for you.

I know it’s been a difficult time where you feel like you’re missing doing some wonderful things.
There are events that you’re not getting to do right now,
but you are NOT missing out on anything.
And know that I can springboard and catapult you into anything at anytime.
And I will!

The long-term of your life is not being hindered.
In fact, as you live before Me, the long-term effect of your life will be expedited.

Remember that it’s all about Me in you, the hope of glory—and how you receive that, and release it to the world around you.

My precious one, I am your glory, and you are My glorious one.
When my glory flows through you, people will be drawn to you.
Everyone wants the effect of My glory—unless they’ve bought into the ways of the enemy.

But that is why I’ve called you to live in my glory.
My glory:

  • sets people free from the lies of the enemy;

  • makes people desire My goodness;

  • makes people hungry for the more of Me.

Everyone wants life to go well… to be good.

My one, you are a carrier and releaser of My great goodness.
Don’t be shy to express this.
Be humble and bold as you share the goodness of My glory.

Rejoice in all that I am in your midst.
Soak Me in at all times.

As you do, you will:

  • be saturated by the richness and fullness of My presence;

  • carry the fragrance of heaven;

  • represent Me by talking and acting like I do.


I am the answer to everything that concerns you,
every need you have,
and everything that is before you.