Living Things Grow

Good morning, My love.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know and hear the cries and desires of your heart.
Let Me hold them as you step into what that I have before you.
They will happen.
Let this time forge and grow in you what only it can.

Trees do not grow in a day.
You can build—dig ditches, lay concrete, construct things—quickly.
Many people can do different parts, and buildings can be built in expedited fashion.
But things built cannot reproduce.
Things cannot reproduce, grow, or flourish.
In fact, things break down; after time they get old and decompose.


But living things—like the trees that take time to root deeply and grow—get bigger
and stronger over time.
Living things flourish as they grow.
And, living things, unlike constructed things, can reproduce.
Living things bear fruit.


So, embrace this time.
Understand the purpose of it.

This waiting upon Me for your heart’s desires is good, and necessary for you:

  • to be established, and grow into who I have designed for you to be.

  • to reproduce the fruit that I’ve purposed for you to bring forth in your life.


So you have 2 choices during this growing time.

1) You can either look at the tree that you are, and become frustrated wishing for more…

2) Or, you can understand that what is happening below the surface is vital for your life’s purpose…
and embrace it.

 My heart is that you choose to believe that I am growing something beautiful in you,
and it takes time.