I Am In It All

My child, I am laser focused on you.
~ Know this.
~  Know that there is nothing that you’re going through that I am not attending to;
that I am not intimately aware of.
~ Know this.

Keep this in the forefront of your mind when you feel like nothing is happening;
when you are:

  • Waiting

  • Standing

  • Hoping

  • Contending

  • Believing—yet you don’t yet see the results of your believing


Yes, My beloved, I am attending to your needs, your heart, your hopes, and your dreams.
I have not laid them aside.
I have not forgotten.
I care about everything that is important to you. Everything.

You are My child, My creation, My desire.
Do you know that?
Do you know that I desired you?
That I waited for your arrival upon the earth all these years?
That I anticipated you?
That I have great plans for you?

  Don’t doubt this.

In your waiting, know that as you are in Me,
I am in it all, My sweet, sweet love.