I Love You

Father, I love You. 
I love Your holy ways.
I love Your righteous deeds.
I love it that You built the world on justice and righteousness.
I love the trustworthiness of Your character.
I love Your people.
I love Your ways.
I love how You draw me to pray what’s on Your heart, 
and how You answer my prayers.
I love it that You adopted me into Your family and that You call me Your child.
I love it that You are a good Father.
I love You, Abba.


Jesus, I love You.
I love it that You are Living Water, and when I drink You in I am refreshed.
I love it that You are the Bread of Life, and when I feed on You I am satisfied.
I love it that You are the Living Word, and when I stand upon You will not be shaken.
I love who You are in the midst of my life.
I love Your goodness and mercy that follows me.
I love how You make a way when there is no way.
I love it that You came to give me abundant life.
I love that in Your presence is the fullness of joy.
I love You being light in the darkness.
I love the promise of Your covenant.
I love You, Anointed One, who has saved, healed, and delivered me. 
I love You, King Jesus, the Lover of my soul.


Holy Spirit, I love You.
I love it that Your resurrection power raised Jesus from the dead,
and You live inside of Me.
I love how You empower me. 
I love how You live inside of me.
I love Your Breath of Life that sustains me.
I love Your comfort and strengthening.
I love the fruit You produce in me.
I love Your gifts.
I love that You lead and guide me in all things.
I love how You bring the heart of the Father and the truth of the Son to me.
I love Your conviction that keeps me on track.
I love it that You fill me with peace, joy, and hope.
I love that where You are there is freedom.
I love You, my ever present help in time of need.