Treasures In The Darkness

My child, I so, so love you.
I love your heart for Me.
I love your trust in Me.
I love how you continue to hope and believe in the midst of difficulty.
I love how you choose life.

I want you to know that I love to give you good, good things.
And, I want you to know that the painful time you are walking through right now
is forging something deep within you.
It’s producing something in—and through—your life that could not be attained any other way.


The victory of it will be the main testimony of your life.
The marker that points others to Me, and declares My glory.
There is a gift on the other side of this difficulty is what the enemy most wants to shut down in your life. 

  • He wants you to be defeated here because this is your God-given place of influence.

  • He wants you to be disheartened here so that you give up your authority in this very place.

  • He wants you weak and disabled from doing specifically what I’ve called you to.

Hear this, My beloved one.


Do not shy away from this thing that you want to change.
Do not give up.
Do not give in to the lies of the enemy taunting that, “I do not care… or I’d show up and take this difficulty away.”
No. I’m not taking it away because I am good
and I am growing you up so that you have authority over it.
Instead of Me taking it away, I’m empowering you to step on it.
To crush it under your feet.
I do not want you to accept it.
Don’t embrace anything that is contrary to love, freedom, or abundant life. 


I have given you all authority so that you can take dominion over it.
See this thing as a stepping stone.
It’s not to pull you down or defeat you.
It’s to raise you up.
It’s a resource to advance you into your Kingdom role
as one who I’ve called to rule and reign with Me.
This is your richest training ground.

What I am growing in you—that you are rising up in and taking authority over—cannot be given. 
It cannot be imparted, or received from another.
It can only be grown.
It can only be wrought.
It can only be gained through walking it out with Me.
This treasure that few embrace with their whole hearts, in faith and surrender,
can only be won on the battlefield.


I invite all here.
For I am your shield of protection.
I am your rear guard.
I am your defender.
I am your strong tower.
I am your glory and the lifter of your head.
I am the unshakeable Rock that I call you to stand on in the middle of this storm.


As you keep your gaze fixed on Me, you will see My glory overshadow your circumstance.
You will know My peace, comfort, and strength in it.
You will become strong in spirit, and wisdom will be your constant companion.
Joy will be the result of your life and you will confound the enemy.

This in your inheritance in Me.
Walk in it.
Embrace it.
Feed on My faithfulness in it.
Believe that I am holding you in it all,
and you will be strengthened and encouraged, My overcoming one.

“I will give you the treasures of darkness
And hidden riches of secret places,
That you may know that I, the LORD,
Who call you by your name.”
Isaiah 45:3