Look for Me

My child, I love you.
Keep your gaze fixed on Me and you will not get caught up in things that I don’t have for you.
Nor will you become stuck.
In fact, when you stay in My embrace you will be filled with My heart and will for you.

Slow down and rest in Me.
And as you do, you will be filled with—and able to release—even more of My glory.
You will be more intentional.
You will be less pulled toward how you feel, or what you think.
You will be in the center of My will, plans, and purposes when you STAY in Me.

And, My beloved, You delight Me here, and are strengthened here.

  • This is the place of joy.

  • This is the place of victory.

  • This is the place that the enemy has no inroad.

  • This is where you can live all the time.


People will give you their ideas all the time, and when you’re in Me you will know what to keep,
and what is not for you to take in.
Especially as you seek what I have for you—
in the specific areas you’ve been crying out for Me to answer.
Many will give you their advice and counsel.
Some of it is great and you can take it.
Others is good, but it’s not for you.


I am your Living Word and My promise is to lead and guide you.
And, I will… so look for Me.
Look for Me in it all.
I am Wisdom.
Call upon Me and believe
that it is My delight to pour out My wisdom upon you, My one.

You are, indeed, My beloved.

Look for Me, and you will find Me.