What do you see?

My child, I know what is in your heart, and it is good.
You don’t need to try to get rid of these dreams and hopes you have, 
just keep them in My hand.
In My care.

I care.
I care for them, and I have a plan that I am orchestrating.
My plan is not just for your life.
It’s not just for you.
It’s for My Kingdom purposes, for the benefit of others.
It’s for well-being, wholeness, growth, development, and the maturity of My people.


So much of what I call My people to walk through is for the bigger picture. 
For eternity.
It’s not just for the current, present situation that you’re in.
If you only see what is before you, you can think that things aren’t fair.
You’ll be prone to compare yourself and your circumstances with others
and feel like you’re coming up short.
This is why so many people get disillusioned.

Remember that I am always good, and I have a plan. 
So when you don’t see the things you’re believing for coming to fruition, 

  • ask to see from My perspective.

  • ask Me to fill your heart so you can see from My vantage point.

This will make all the difference in what you see before you
and in how you live your life, My beloved one.