I Have You

My child, I have you.
Let Me lead this process.
Ask for what you want, but trust Me to put My best— 
and My timing—together for you in it.


I will not leave you stranded in any way.

  • I have you.

  • I have you.

  • I have you in it all.

So, rest. 
Stand in faith.
And, go in My love.
My great, great love for you.


And, enjoy what I put before you, in My sustaining grace and mercy.
There are gifts everywhere for you.
Look for them.

And, as you receive them in gratefulness, more will come.
This is the principle and standard of My Kingdom, of My ways.
Gratefulness opens up more.
Gratefulness releases more of who I am and what I have.
The more you have, the more will be poured out.


Be blessed, My beloved one.
You are the treasure of My heart.
And, I am grateful for you.