Oh My love,
I so know the thoughts of your heart. 
I know what you’ve endured. 
But even as I hold you and hold your pain, it is superseded by My understanding
and the good of what know I am doing;
by what I am bringing about in your life with it.


And it is true that because I am the fullness of joy, I always have joy.
As you clothe yourself with Me, as you tuck yourself into My presence, 
you too will be able to access and live in My fullness of joy.

This is your place of victory.
This is the place that mocks the enemy.
Even when you are contending for something,
you can have the security and assurance of My fullness.

What does that actually mean to you, beloved?


Think about it.
How do you feel when you are full?

  • Full of love.

  • Full… satisfied with a good meal.

  • Full of laughter.

  • Full of anything.

When you are full, whatever you are filled with saturates and permeates you. 

Being full of joy at all times is My provision for you.
Take it.
Don’t try to live this life on your own.
There are too many potholes.
There are things that can trip you up that are beyond your control.
But when you live in Me, I will lead you and guide you—for My Name’s sake.
And I will tune you in because:
I am a good Father.
I am a good friend, and do not want you to fall.
I am on your behalf for good.


Go in Me and know My great love and the fullness of My provision for you, 
My ever so precious one.
Believe it and live in it.
It’s yours!