Your Great Adventure

My child, I’m in it all.

 Every day be ensconced by Me—by My Presence, by My Spirit.
And in this, you will be in the center of all that I have for you.

When you live in Me you won’t be swept away or overtaken by anything else.

 And, if your mind does start to wander
and you start to entertain things that I’m not leading you into,
I will show you so you can realign your thoughts.


Everything before you is a part of your journey.
Remember this as you live with Me
and you will be delighted by the holy adventure of your life.

I am a God of rest & risk.
I am a God of peace & passion.
I am a radical God who loves everyone,
and every bit of My creation beyond measure.


So, My love, join Me in this great adventure of your life.

  • Step in

  • Risk

  • Believe for the impossible

  • Pursue what I put before you

  • And enjoy this partnership in life with Me.

This brings Me the greatest delight.


I created the earth and humanity for good.
Live in this good.
Even when things are challenging, position yourself in My good
by living in My presence.


There are things I’m calling you to overcome that require you to stand and persevere.
This too is a part of life.

Know that My good is not always easy,
but when you live in My embrace
you will experience my great joy, peace, and excitement in it all.