Only My Best for you

I am working all things out after the counsel of My will.

 Trust Me in the crunch and longing of the process.

  • As you wait.

  • As you pray.

  • As you wish and want things to come to fruition NOW.

 Know and remember that I have it,
and I am doing a deeper work.

So, believe.

And, as you trust, foster your thanks.
Lift up thanks for everything good around you.

See My goodness before you.
See My goodness in what I bring to you.
See and release My goodness to others
and you will be surprised and delighted by how well it is with your soul
…even in the waiting—and crying out—for the shift you want.


I love you. I love you. I love you.

So, of course I only do things that will bring My best into your life.

Know this so you don’t get caught and tripped up
when you don’t understand the timing of the process you’re in.