Nothing but Delight

My child, you are Mine and I love you beyond words… beyond measure.

Never doubt that.
Never let the enemy come in and tell you how mean, or uncaring, or sharp, or rigid I am.
~ This is his snag to get you out of intimacy with Me.
~ This is his story about Me.

Yes, I am holy and My standard is purity. 
That’s why I came and cleansed you with My perfect blood.
Now, the requirement is met.
My cleansing brings you into full relationship with Me.

Now, as you live with Me
and seek My face,
and follow My ways, 
I have nothing but delight towards you.


And when you struggle, you have My full invitation to come.
Come freely.

  • I have open arms towards you.

  • I am merciful.

  • I am kind even to the unthankful and those who go against My ways (Luke 6:35).

But I want more with you.
I’m inviting you into better, sweeter, deeper, stronger places with Me… in Me.
So lean in.
Expect My goodness to flow in your life.
Expect Me to show up for you.

And, the more you choose My ways,
the more truly you will know Me and My goodness for you, My sweet love.