Long-Term Perspective

My child, it is always good to follow My Spirit promptings within you.

I always and only have good for you and if you don’t heed Me, it will cost you more than you have to give.

And, it is true. I am a mutual God—everything I do I do for the benefit of all involved.
If it seems like I am not coming through for you—or for someone else—know that I am doing a deeper work.

I only have good for all of My kids, but I also have a long-term plan for growth, maturity, and victory for you. If I give you an immediate fix,
it feels good and it’s easier,
but it will not necessarily be the thing that grows you into what I’ve called you to.

I want you to become strong in spirit.
I want you to be able to carry the weight of what I have for you to accomplish,
to do what I’ve called for you to do.


This life is multi-faceted, rich, and dynamic. Do not look at the things before you from just one flat angle. 

If something doesn’t make sense,
ask Me to let you see beyond what is in your frame of reference/understanding.

There is more.
There is always more in and with Me.
And, it is My delight to share it with you.
Ask Me and I will show you what I am doing.

It may be difficult.
It may be humbling.
It may require you to step out and risk, and ask for help.
It may require a level of connection that is uncomfortable,
but My desire is for all My creation to live in My fullness.

This goes against the grain of this self-sufficient, self-focused world.
It goes against the pride and lust the enemy so “freely” offers you.

 But, the price for living in his kingdom is higher than you will ever know—until you get caught in it.

 What it costs to live in Me and My ways may seem high, but in the long-term, it is full of goodness, security, peace, and joy.
And, this is what I want for all My kids.

 Choose My ways.
Choose to live from a long-term perspective, and it will be well with you, My love.