I am Here

I am in your midst.
I am here.

And, I love being with you…
I love you.
I love love being connected to you.
I created you for this connection.
I died and rose again for this connection.

So… Come.
Come to the table.
Come sit with Me.
Come enjoy Me.
Come in expectation.
Come believing.
Come boldly.
Come and receive. 

You are My beloved.
You are My child.
You are the one I’ve called by My very own Name to carry out My plans and purposes
in this place,
at this time.

So, come.
Rejoice in My ways.
Believe Me.

Really love, My called out one.
Love others the way that I love you.
Fully. Openly. Unashamedly. 

  •  Without regret.

  • Without hedging.

  • Without judgment.

  • Without reserve.

  • Without wanting or needing the best for yourself.

Yes, this is the way of My Kingdom.
This is My way.
The way of My heart.

And, the more you live in Me, in My ways, in My freedom,
the more you will release who I am to the world around you.
The world might not think it wants who I am… but it wants the result of who I am.
As you exude the result of Me, they will come.

They will come to:
~ My humility
~ My power
~ True love
~ Contentment
~ Security
~ Peace
~ Joy…

            Share who I am and let My care and greatness flow from your life.