Love... In the Waiting

My one, I love you.

Stay in this place—where you live from and in My love.

  • Here, you are secure and on track in all things.

  • Here, you are powerful in the ways of My Spirit.

  • Here, you will remain faithful in the ups and downs of life.


In My love, you will flourish in all things.
Do not be dismayed by the waiting.
There are seasons of waiting in life.
You can see the necessity of that in the natural.

A pregnant woman must wait for her baby to develop before she delivers it.
A tree must grow before it can produce fruit.

There is a process in much of life that is needed—that makes it ready—to receive that for which it’s waiting.

            It’s in the waiting that you are prepared to be, and carry, what you were created for.

 ~ A relationship that shortcuts getting to know one another often experiences breakdown—because there’s no foundation laid.

~ A premature birth often has issues because what was supposed to develop, did not fully form the way it was designed to.

So, My one, do not be anxious to make something happen that I am not bringing before you yet.
Wait upon Me.
Be strengthened in Me—in My presence—in the waiting.

I am in it.
Be in Me in it, and you will be delighted when the things you’re waiting for comes.
Trust My timing.
Trust My plan.
Grow in Me, in it, and you will have both peace and joy in all things.


I love you, My one.
It all comes back to staying in My love.
My love will sustain you in the waiting.
Receive it. 
Give it.
Enjoy the sweetness and power of it.