There is Better

My child, I love you.
I have you.
I have your health, and I have your dreams.

Stay encouraged. 
Stay in Me.
Continue to believe for that which I’ve put within you, for good.
I have good for you, My love.
I cannot have anything but good for you… because I am good!


As you follow Me, you will get to where I have for you to go.
This—your current situation—is not as good as it gets.
There is more.
There is better.

I am more, and I am better.
As you connect to Me in whatever is going on with you, you will have the best.
I created you for My best.
Do you believe that?
Do you think I’d give you any less than My very best?
I would not.

I made you to carry a specific part of My Kingdom to release to the world around you.
This is why comparing is not helpful, to anyone.
I made you to understand a part of Me and My ways 
that I want you to share with others. 
If you take on what I’ve given another to share instead of stepping into what I have given you,
then a part of what I have for the world will be missing.

Learn from others, but share the message that I’ve given you to share.

 Go in My love and truth, beloved, called, anointed one, My child.