Not Unnoticed

My child, I know your heart is turned towards me.
I know you love to seek Me.
This is not unnoticed.
This is not wasted.
I am in you. 
I am with you. 


And, I will carry you and walk with you through everything. Everything.
So, do not be dismayed.
Do not be discouraged.
Fix your gaze on Me and let Me abound in every area of your life.
I am.
And so I will.

Rejoice in Me and in the promises I’ve given you.
ALL of My promises are “yes and amen.”

My love, I have so much good for you.
Rest in Me in that.
Rest in that in Me.

When you are crying out.
When you feel pain.
When you don’t understand, soak Me in—into every part of your being.
Into your heart, into every cell of your body, into every thought in your mind.

Let My love—let Me—permeate you.
You cannot stay the same when I permeate you.
Just like a cloth or sponge is not the same once it’s soaked with water.
Soak Me in, precious one, My delight.