Crying out for Change

My child, I know you’re still crying out for change.
I hear you and I am answering your prayers.

Just keep focused on Me.
I am doing something here.
I am doing something in you that you need to be established in your life.
Pray and believe but don’t keep looking at what you want/need to change.

  • Enjoy what is good that is in your life.

  • Enjoy the rest.

  • Enjoy friends and family.

  • Enjoy Me.

And be strengthened—in Me—in it all.

You can live above your circumstances.
You can live beyond what is going on it the natural.

If you can embrace Me and what I am saying and celebrate where you are,
you will have the greatest of treasures to be able to even release and impart to others.
This is what people need.
This is what will draw people in and even attract them to be able to see Me.

  It’s natural and authentic..
And it will become tangible.

As you embrace who you are—even if you don’t like it and what’s going on—others will see
something supernatural and powerful in you that they want.
They’ll think, “how is that not bothering him/her?”

And remember, I am beauty.
In Me you have access to all beauty, all glory, all wonder, all joy, all hope, all life.
People will see these things in you as you live in Me.
Live in these eternal attributes and they will even change how you see yourself.

Things are not going to stay this way for you.
Right now you are in a process that I could zap away, but I am using it.
I am using it to establish truth in you.
I am using it to grow your faith and perspective.
I am using it to really teach you how to love yourself regardless of what things look like in the natural.

 Everything that you are walking through has multiplied eternal effect.
Let Me have My perfect work in you in it.

And, receive what I say about you as more true and more important
than what you think, than the “standard” of the world.
This whole realm is temporal and really, really holds no weight.

 Let Me show you what holds weight, and live there.
Live in that place.
Live in the goodness and power of that place.
It’s more real than anything around you and when you choose it, you will have the effect and results of it.

I love you—so be loved in Me, in your circumstances here.
I am holding you—so come and be held by Me in it.
In My love and holding there is nothing that can derail you or take you out.

  •  Go baby.

  • Receive

  • Rest

  • Laugh.

  • Look to Me.

  • Enjoy what is before you.

And know that I am pouring out good gifts to you in it all.